Virtual Architecture and Construction

Creating new environments

Microsoft HoloLens, META2, Mobile AR, Magic Leap

weare showcasing VR in Architecture and Construction

weare provide specialist solutions for the Architectural and Constructions industry, harnessing the power of VR and AR to deliver truly remarkable results.

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality is being used across the industry to deliver, fast accurate and realistic representations of a wide range of buildings and developments that would historically involve protracted development cycles.
Using the Hololens and HTC Vive we are delivering experiences that place developments right into the intended environment, meaning that the development teams can immediately see the impact on the environment, traffic  and services or just view singular property within its new environment.

VR and AR are becoming a go to solution for real estate businesses, architects and construction teams that need a good level of collaboration.

weare develop AR for mobile phones and tablets, as well as a range of wearable devices such as Hololens and Meta. As the market develops and more hardware enters the market, the range of potential applications of AR continue to expand across all industries from architecture, education, healthcare, publishing, industrial and print, retail, safety, the list is expanding every day.

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The AR and VR Industry is set for huge growth and weare here to help your business embrace the future and develop groundbreaking applications.

Impossible possibilities

As with any creative solution, understanding the parameters of the medium is the key to getting the best solution for your needs. weare encourage our clients to get involved with our process, if something seems impossible we think we can make it possible

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Digital Vision

Blending Digital Assets
with Real Environments

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Enviroment Understanding

Spatial Awareness and
Understanding of the Real-World

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Natural Voice

Command Applications
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